Panel from newspaper tubes

Panel translated from French means "piece of fabric." But if you look at what kind of compositions skilled craftswomen can make, you can’t call them anything other than works of decorative art. As early as the 18th century, mosaic panels adorned churches and halls on the estates of wealthy people. The modern panel has ceased to be a luxury item. Now it is rather an indicator of the presence of taste among the owners of the house.
Materials for the manufacture of this kind of masterpiece can be varied. I suggest trying to make a panel of newspaper tubes.
For this we need:
- newspapers or magazines with vivid pictures;
- PVA glue;
- knitting needle;
- white paper in A5 format;
- frame;
- beads for decoration.

First you need to cut the newspaper or magazine into strips. They need about 30 pieces for crafts.

The edge of the strip is liberally greased with PVA glue.

We wrap a corner. And we begin to twist the strip into a tube.

At the end, apply a layer of glue and hold the edges for a couple of seconds so that the tube does not unwind.

Take a colored bead. We wind the tube on it so that it turns out to be a "snail". We attach the edge to the base with PVA glue.

For the manufacture of panels need "snails" of different sizes. To increase the diameter, it is necessary to glue the second to the edge of the first tube. Then glue the second one with the third one, etc. We build up the tubes until we get the desired size.

The next step will be the formation of a "snail" pattern. To do this, take an empty frame and place in it in a chaotic order "snails". Next, we glue all the details to the base of the panel.

This craft can be hung on the wall in the hallway. And all the guests, having crossed the threshold of the house, will see the original crafts made independently. In addition, using the panel, you can hide minor repair errors or stains on the wall.
Good luck