Corrugated paper Christmas tree

A charming Christmas tree is made of ordinary crumpled paper and decorated with beads. It can be done by any needlewoman who can hold the needle in her hands. The tree consists of nine frills of pale lilac color. For decor, sequins in the form of flowers and blue beads are used.

1. Materials and tools for the Christmas tree:
• Thick paper.
• Corrugated paper.
• Threads with a needle.
• Scissors.
• Thermogun.

2. For decoration:
• Beads.
• Sequins.

3. Cut out such a shape from thick paper.

4. Connect it to the cone, which will be the base of our Christmas tree.

5. Cut off a strip of lilac paper about 5 cm wide. The length of this strip should be somewhere 2-3 times the circumference of the cone. We start flashing it around the edge with a needle and thread.

6. It turns out such a ruffle. The first blank for our Christmas tree made of corrugated paper.

7. The lower edge of the workpiece is made a light wave. To do this, just slightly stretch the paper with your fingers. Each subsequent workpiece is reduced in length. And the last three ruffles are also reduced in width.

8. Apply glue, stepping back from the edge of the cone by 4 cm.

9. First glue the lower frill.

10. Apply glue higher for the second row of ruffles.

11. Glue the second blank. In the same way we glue the whole Christmas tree of corrugated paper.

12. Put the glue on the top of the head.

13. Dress on top of the final frill.

14. Decorate with sequins and beads. Cute Christmas tree made of corrugated paper is ready.