New Year's snowmen

Soon the New Year, which means it will be necessary to decorate the house and Christmas tree. It is especially nice when these decorations are made with your own hands or the hands of your children.

I offer a simple workshop on making snowmen. We will use the simplest materials and those that are always at hand:
- boxes from under children's porridges;
- a stencil to draw circles;
- colored paper;
- white office paper;
- color cardboard;
- self-adhesive velvet paper (can be replaced with colored cardboard).
- glue, it is better if it is a colorless "moment". Glue stick for paper is also suitable.
We cut the porridge box and draw the circles on the stencil. Large circles for the body, and small circles for the head.

Since the boxes are colored, we paste the cut circles with the colored side onto plain white paper and cut them out.

Putting snowmen together: glue the "head" and "torso". We draw a life-size sketch of a snowman on paper, a face, mittens, felt boots, a bucket, a carrot - all that you can think of for decoration.

We use this sketch as a stencil and cut out a carrot nose from orange paper, mittens from red, blue, orange cardboard, felt boots and a bucket of black and blue cardboard. We make mittens, a bucket and felt boots so that the snowman is real. Handles are cut out of a cardboard box - long strips 4 mm wide. Now we glue it all on the blanks: glue the mittens on the handles, a bucket and felt boots on the head and bottom ball. Eyes and mouth can be drawn with a felt-tip pen, or glued.

When the snowmen are ready, we proceed to the final stage of decoration: scarves, buttons, Christmas trees. We cut out the scarf from pieces of knitwear, you can use old sweaters. We also select buttons from the home box. Christmas tree or Christmas ball cut out of paper.

In order to make the snowmen different, we tie scarves around the neck with one and cut out and paste a paper bow on the other. We fix fir-trees, balls and buttons with glue.

Snowmen are ready. Such decorations can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, and for the New Year's garland. To do this, you need to make a hole in the upper part of the snowman’s headdress and stretch a decorative ribbon.