Christmas tree made of golden wrapping paper

An original golden Christmas tree made of wrapping paper will decorate any table. Thanks to the use of shiny gold paper, decorating the Christmas tree with additional accessories is completely unnecessary. She and without toys and jewelry looks bright and spectacular. Unusual Christmas tree made of wrapping paper as if dressed in a magnificent brocade dress. Let's try to make such a glamorous Christmas tree together. Thanks to step by step photos, it will be easy and simple. So, let's begin.

1. To make a Christmas tree, we need:
• Wrapping paper.
• Cardboard.
• Stapler.
• Glue.
• Scissors.

2. Cut the wrapping paper into squares.

3. Add the square obliquely.

4. We turn it three times and fasten it in a corner with a stapler.

5. We prepare a large number of blanks.

6. From thick paper (old wallpaper) we form a cone.

7. We make cuts with scissors all over the cone.

8. Apply glue to the corner of the workpiece.

9. And gently insert into the slot.

10. Thus, we glue the blanks in a circle.

11. Do the same with the second row.

12. We continue to work on the same principle. Half of the Christmas tree is ready.

13. The top of the tree is done in the same way, only for fastening the workpiece we use glue instead of the stapler. Dress her on a cone greased with glue.

14. The glamorous golden Christmas tree is ready.