Corrugated Paper Rose

This workshop will be about giant roses made of corrugated paper. Such a rose will be a wonderful decoration at a photo shoot and at any holiday, whether it be a wedding, a birthday celebration or a party. Thanks to the description below, you can easily make a beautiful rose.
Materials for creating a rose:

1. corrugated paper (green, crimson);
2. scissors;
3. glue;
4. tape tape;
5. skewers;
6. Template.
Let's get to work:
We cut strips 10 cm wide from corrugated paper, cut parallel to horizontal strips. From these stripes we cut out 15 petals in the shape of a heart and 5 petals in the shape of a drop.

Each finished petal must be pressed in the middle with two thumbs inward, then from the bulge formed, stretch the petal in opposite directions.

We wrap each petal on a pencil, so that the petals of your rose are exactly like the real ones. Be careful, wrap the tab from the front of the corrugated paper.

Preparing the stem for our roses. As a stem, you can use a specially prepared stem made of wood, wire, plastic, but in this workshop wooden skewers are used.
We wrap three skewers with a teip tape of green color.

We begin to make our bud. First of all, we wrap the top of our trunk with pink corrugated paper so that it is not visible inside the bud. Next, in the base we attach the petals in the form of a drop, and then the petals in the shape of a heart.

We form a rose bud, we fix each petal with a teyp tape.

In order for our almost finished rose to acquire a more natural look, we will make a petal border for it.

The last details in our rose are the petals. We fasten them to the stem, we fasten their teip tape.

Our rose is ready!

I wish you success in your creative work!