How to sew a belt

Once I wanted to get a bright belt on my pants. I found a suitable piece of fabric (satin) and a fastener for 4 UAH. So that the belt fits tightly in the fastener and does not fall off, a tape was bought for the straps on the backpack for 4 UAH. 1 meter.

Take an atlas 1.1 meters long and 8 cm wide, on top we put a tape 1 meter long and 3 cm wide. The atlas should be 5 cm longer on each side.

Now we will sew the edge of the atlas 5 cm

Tuck one edge of the belt 1 cm and stitch

Now we will tuck 1 cm of the atlas around the ribbon and overlay the sharpened edge and sew to the end.
Similarly, tuck the edge of the satin at the other end of the belt and stitch

Then take a buckle and wrap the resulting belt in the middle of the buckle. Stitch on the front side of the belt along the edge from two sides.

Voila, the belt is ready!