Once I decided to make a pendant of copper soft and ordinary hard wire. I found the usual hard one for 6 hryvnias 10 meters in the All for 3 Hryvnias store, and I took the copper one from the motor winding.
Measured 12 cm and cut off with pliers.

Now bent the edge with pliers

This is the basis of the pendant

Then she measured 25 cm of copper soft wire, cut it off, fixed it on the base.

I string a bead, and wrap around the base 3 times of copper wire. I make sure that the wire fits as tightly as possible to the bead.

Now I fix the copper wire at the base and bring it down.

I string a 2-sided rhinestone and remove the wire to the base, fasten.

Ask where did I get it? I found sewn rhinestones of 50 cents each in the sewing store. I attached and bonded it to each other with superglue.

And voila, the pendant is ready!