Christmas ball from an old magazine

From old magazines and catalogs, you can make many interesting crafts. By the New Year, garlands, balls and other decorations for home or for the street are made from them.
In order to make a ball, you will need:
• Waste magazine
• The object is round in shape (to make it convenient to circle)
• scissors
• Glue

Using a round object, draw circles on the magazine and cut them out.

The larger the diameter of the mold, the larger the ball will be. For the ball, you can use any number of parts, at least three. But the more they are, the prettier the ball will be. In our example, seven circles are used.

Everyone needs to be bent in half so that a brighter and more beautiful picture appears inside.

Now take one circle and glue one of the outer halves with glue and connect it to the other circle, then do the same until you use all the blanks.

At the end, connect the first and last part to make a ball.

The brighter and more colorful the picture, the more beautiful and festive your ball will turn out.

There are many options for using such a decoration. You can thread a ball into a ball (before sticking it permanently), then you will get a Christmas-tree decoration. You can make a garland of several paper balls and decorate her house.