Star of the tape

Making a star out of a tape is easy. Using instead of tape, thread or rope, you can achieve a completely different effect.
1. Materials and tools:
• Shiny ribbon.
• Barbecue sticks.
• Hot melt adhesive.
• Scissors.
• Knife.

2. Sharpen the sticks on the second side.

3. Glue sticks at a slight angle.

4. After gluing all the sticks, you should get such a star.

5. Glue the intersection of sticks.

6. Put the glue on top of the star and begin to wrap the star’s beam with tape.

7. Two beams are ready. It remains to repeat the procedure with all the rays.

8. Glue small bows made of the same ribbon.

9. The brilliant star is ready. If you look closely, you can see that it turned out to be a star in a star.