Decorate tile

Many probably faced the situation when, after buying an apartment, the interior remaining from the previous owners, I want to redo, but there is not enough money. So we were in that position. The white “Sovkovskaya” tile in the kitchen did not inspire, and there was no money for repairs. One day my husband invited me to paint her. They began to think - what? And then in the stationery store I came across a set of stained glass paints. After a couple of days, our kitchen was unrecognizable.
Here's how we did it. I drew the elements of the new wallpaper on paper.

If you do not decide to take up a pencil yourself, now on the Internet you can find a stencil for every taste. Next, we fasten the selected image with a film. A contour (usually in sets it is black) we outline the stencil. I did not circle my drawings completely, I circled only some elements in order to highlight them.

Let the circuit dry thoroughly, after which we take the first of the flowers and very carefully fill in the corresponding parts of the picture.
We leave the work for 3 hours, so that the paint dries and does not mix with the subsequent one. So fill the drawing one by one with all the necessary colors.

Sometimes in a tube, the liquid dries. Then you can use the needle to release the spout. Be careful, because after such a procedure the paint may pop out, forming a large puddle.
After our work is completely dry (it is better to wait a day), remove it from the film. Here you need to be very careful so that parts of the picture do not stick together and do not tear.

Transfer the decorretto to the previously washed surface of the tile, tighten it smoothly.


The peculiarity of this decor is that it is not afraid of moisture. Drawings can be washed. You can repeatedly re-stick. You can decorate in this way not only tiles, but also any smooth surface - glass, mirror, furniture. But some colors are afraid of the sun. With constant exposure to sunlight, colors may lose their brightness.