Christmas tree made of garbage bags

Soon the New Year and now you have a good opportunity to make a Christmas tree with your own hands, which will be an excellent souvenir for the New Year holiday.
Christmas tree is very simple. But for this you need to be able to crochet. Therefore, it’s rather a craft for girls or for mothers. We will knit not from traditional threads for knitting, but from garbage bags.
For crafts, you need such materials:
• 3 garbage bags in different colors. It is better to take blue, green or lettuce and white. If there is no white, then you can buy purple.
• scissors
• Crochet hook
• After the tree is tied, we need the base of the tree, that is, a stick or something that comes to hand. You can take some not-so-large kitchen item: a smoothie for mashed potatoes or a rolling pin. We will put a Christmas tree on it.

Next, we take one garbage bag, twist it into a tube. We cut strips about 1.5 cm thick with scissors. The bag is curled in length. If the strip is a little thinner - it does not matter, but it is better not to do thin ones. In order not to break.

Then, after cutting the strips, they straighten and bind together. It turns out "yarn".
After the yarn is ready, we begin to knit. Knitting technology is not fundamental. You can knit with patterns, or you can do simple knitting, one single loop air loop.

And so in a circle. The size of the circle can be arbitrary. How big do you need a Christmas tree. If it is desktop, then you can make a circle with a diameter of 50 cm. The second circle is made 20 cm more and the third 20 more more than the second. So, we get three circles.

They can be of different colors. According to your taste. You can alternate the stripes. You can make a Christmas tree completely monophonic, green. Then, attach Christmas toys, garlands, beads to the Christmas tree. You can sew or paste pieces of cotton wool to make it look like snow.

After the end of the New Year, the tree can be used as a rug, as it is made of waterproof material. You can also fantasize with him and come up with another purpose for him, for example, bedding for an animal.