Funny stylish cats

Unusual toys always attract more children's attention. You can please your baby and tie him an interesting toy in just a couple of hours. How to make a stylish cat, I'll tell you now.
To work you will need:
- any small skeins of yarn. Small balls that remain from large products are perfect here, they are usually difficult to apply somewhere.
- scissors.
- Crochet hook.
- sintepuh for stuffing toys.
- a needle with a thread for stitching parts.

First, we make a chain of seven air loops and tie it in a circle, adding two loops in the corners.

Next, also adding 2-3 loops from the sides we knit another 5 rows. This will be the base or bottom of our cat.

Now we begin to knit the torso. You don’t need to increase it anymore, just knit in a circle rows without additions to the size we need.

The resulting bag, which will soon become the body of a cat, is densely packed with syntepuh.

Getting down to the details, knit the tail and ears. We start with the amigurumi loop, which we tie with five single crochet columns. The second row is also knit with crochets. After one loop we add one additional column, in general, 6 additional ones should turn out. The ears consist of seven rows.

We also knit the tail with an amigurumi loop of 6 columns. In the second row add 3 more columns and knit a long "sausage". There should be four such details.

Sew ears and tail to the body.

It remains to make stylish glasses for the cat. We simply knit a chain of air loops and tie it with one row of single crochet posts. Then we form the necessary shape of glasses from this snake.

It turns out these funny toys with which, no doubt, it will be interesting to play for every kid. They will also look good in the interior, decorating it.