Christmas ball made of wrapping paper

Workshop on creating a Christmas ball from wrapping paper. Making such a do-it-yourself craft is very easy. You can decorate the whole Christmas tree with such balls. To make a Christmas tree stylish and unique, you can change both the size of the toys and changing the color scheme. To resize, make cone blanks either smaller or larger. To make a red toy, you will need to make silver cones out and that's it.
1. We will need:
• Wrapping paper. (Two-tone).
• Double-sided tape.
• Scissors.

2. We make such patterns. A semicircle is needed to cut the same workpiece. The second is to fold the workpieces into identical cones.

3. We cut the blanks, the diameter of one such blank is 9 cm. We need about 50 of them.

4. Apply the template-cone in the center of the workpiece.

5. First we wrap one corner, and then the second corner.

6. Fix with double-sided tape. Set aside without removing the protective film.

7. Thus, we make a sufficient number of blanks-cones.

8. Remove the protective film and begin to glue the cones together. This should be such a circle.

9. We lay the second row of blanks on top. And then until the empty space ends.

10. One half of the toy is ready.

11. Turn over half the ball and lay the cones on.

12. The Christmas tree toy is ready.