Beautiful holder for curtains

Light helps to create cosiness in the house. Therefore, it is very important that each element of the interior blends in harmoniously. To do this, there are curtains and curtains. They come in different directions and have a style that is very different from each other.

For example, the same curtains. By the nature of origin, inventiveness they are distinguished:
• Sliding (the most familiar, traditional look. Both strips of fabric on the ledge move in a horizontal direction)
• Roman (fabric that cannot be folded. It is gathered using a chain, like blinds)
• Japanese (3-5 panels of fabric canvas, assembled on the principle of blinds)
• Austrian (assembled vertically and horizontally)
• Noren (curtain found in Japan.)
• Roller (a kind of cylinder that collects curtains. Roller curtains are sometimes called a screen)
Curtains are an elegant detail of an interior. Usually they are selected according to the color of furniture, walls and the style to which the room corresponds. But, I would like to note that a lot of important fact, when the curtains are beautifully decorated. Today we will get acquainted with the opportunity to make a beautiful holder for curtains from improvised means.
For this we need:
* ribbons of different colors
* unnecessary si di disk
* scissors
* needle
* threads
* finished petals
1 On an unnecessary sit disk, we draw a circle with a diameter smaller than the disk itself. And cut it so that it turns out, something like a hoop.

2 Decorate a hoop from a sit disk with a ribbon. This is done very simply. A ribbon matching the color of the interior of the apartment is wrapped around a hoop. Then it is sutured for fixation.

3 Another ribbon will become a subsequent rose. This is done very simply. It deforms the ribbon so that rose petals gradually form.

4 Ready-made petals that are sewn to the ribbon of the hoop.

The holder for curtains is very easy to make, especially since you choose the design yourself.