Snow ballerina

With the approach of the new year, you always want to beautifully decorate your house or premises, where the holiday will be held: office, school, kindergarten, etc. The easy-to-make but very original paper craft "Snow Ballerina" will become an indispensable part of your "New Year" the interior. How to do it:

We need: paper (landscape or A4), a pre-prepared (paper) medium-sized snowflake, adhesive tape, scissors, pencil, thread. So, let's get to work.

1. On paper, draw a template for a dancing ballerina and carefully cut it out. (The template can be easily found on the Internet and printed).

2. We bend the finished snowflake in half and “put” it on the ballerina (like a skirt), and on both sides we fix with small pieces of adhesive tape so that the skirt does not slip.

3. Done! Now you can make an invisible hole on the ballerina’s head, thread a thread there, tie it up and hang it under the ceiling of the room (see photo). Everyone can make such a beautiful ballerina, even a small child can do it! Good luck!