Beadwork on fabric with a pattern

Master class: embroidery of the icon with beads on the fabric with a pattern.

To work, you need a dense fabric with a clear image of the saint, which will ensure good fixation of the beads.

As well as selected according to the color scale depicted on the fabric, high-quality beads, a needle for working with it, hoops, monofilament, scissors, a plastic box and a tray with a rough coating.

Gently fasten the fabric on the hoop.

On the tray, gently sprinkle the beads of the desired color, and install the box for the defective.

We fix the monofilament on the wrong side. Need to make a knot.

We stick a needle between the threads, without bringing it to the front side.

We bring the needle to the lower right point on the fabric.

With a needle from the tray we string the desired color of beads.

We prick the needle with beads diagonally, bringing it to the wrong side. On the wrong side, we make down a vertical stitch, on the front side, to the lower right pictured point for the next bead.

So gradually embroider a row horizontally.

Embroider the next row in the opposite direction.

When the monofilament runs out of work, we fasten it to the bundle.

Stick a needle between the stitches.

Cut the monofilament with scissors.

Unmarked places with dots on the fabric, we go around filling the fabric with the indicated colors diagonally further.

We also continue beadwork on the other hand.

We continue to embroider until we fill with beads all the marked spots on the fabric.

The finished product needs to be ironed along the embroidery.

Put embroidery in cellophane to avoid contamination.

To design embroidery in a baguette workshop, you need to pick up the icon case.