Candy bouquet of colored paper

Colored paper is an auspicious material for creativity with children. From double-sided colored paper, you can come up with voluminous crafts, and then present them as a gift. For example, together with my daughters, we tried to make such flowers very similar to roses. The result was a beautiful candy bouquet.
For work it was required:
1) double-sided colored paper;
2) clay (hardening is better), you can use the dough for sculpting;
3) tubes for a cocktail;
4) scissors, glue stick, silicone glue, a simple pencil and a ruler.

All work can be divided into several stages.
1. First, we prepared strips of colored paper for future petals. To do this, using a ruler and a pencil, a sheet of colored paper is lined. The width of the strips may be different. The narrower the petals, the more airy the flower. The width of our strips is 1 cm. This seemed to me to be the optimal value. Not too wide and not quite narrow for small fingers. The length of the strips depends on the size of the paper. We cut a sheet of paper along the entire length, and then divided each strip into two so that there were no scraps left. This work can be completely entrusted to a child who is good at scissors. Even if he makes a little mistake, this will not affect the final result.

2. Next, make the petals. Smeared the edges with glue and connected the two ends of the strip with a loop. For each flower, 22 petals were needed. From a sheet of colored paper about the A-4 format, we got 2 flowers.

3. The most interesting was the creation of a flower. The basis was a pre-cut circle with a diameter of 2-3 cm. On it we glued our loops in three rows of 6 pieces in a checkerboard pattern. At the end, 4 petals were glued together. They turned the flower upside down and carefully glued the middle of the petals.

4. For the core of flowers, you can use hardening plasticine or dough for sculpting, beads, rhinestones, beads, buttons. The middle can be made of foil or glossy cardboard. We decided to use sweets for this purpose.

A stalk with leaves.
1. A strip of 3 cm wide was cut from green paper. It was spread with glue and wrapped diagonally around the cocktail tube.

2. Strips 1.5 cm wide and 10-15 cm long were taken for leaflets, which were cut out in the form of leaflets. Smeared with glue a half of the leaf and also wrapped around the stalk.

3. Receptacle we molded from plasticine and attached to the stem.

It remains to connect the stem with the flower with glue. Since our flowers turned out to be quite heavy due to sweets, we fixed them with silicone glue.
These are beautiful flowers made of paper. By the way, they can be used for volume applications or greeting cards. Without stems, flowers will look great on gift wrapping or homemade photo frame. We decided to make a candy bouquet for kindergarten on September 1. Added brightness using sparkles. They came up with an original vase made of cardboard and sweets. As a result, our crafts not only adorned the interior of the group, but also became the pride of our girls who took an active part in its creation.