Updating car rims

Car rims lose their presentation over time - stones, pits, dirt and sand. In addition, sometimes just hunting to change the color of the disc without the cost of buying new ones. And this can be easily done.
We will need:
1. White enamel autoenamel - 2 cylinders.
2. Soil - 1 cylinder.
3. Clear protective varnish - 1 cylinder.
4. Filling - 1 can.
5. Masking tape.
6. Sandpaper.
7. Degreaser - 0.5 l.

To begin with, the discs must be washed, after which - remove the old paint to the metal and seal the surfaces that are not to be painted with masking tape.

Before painting, be sure to degrease the surface of the disc. Otherwise, the paint will not hold for a long time.
If the disk is "seen", it is necessary to even out all the chips and dents with putty and wait for it to dry completely.
After leveling the flaws, put the first layer of soil.

The soil on all disks is applied in two layers with a break of 15-20 minutes between the layers. Particular attention should be paid to the corners and folds, because during a detailed examination there may be unprimed areas.
The second layer of soil has dried up (15-20 minutes) - apply white enamel.

It is important to paint in a room with a minimum amount of dust and insects, since everything sticks to fresh paint - you have to repaint.
Enamel is already applied in three layers, a break for drying between layers - 10 minutes in a warm garage (25-30 degrees).
During the drying of the wheels, the same actions (washing-emery-degreasing-primer-enamel) are performed with caps on the hubs.

It is important to observe the intervals and in no case be in a hurry: if at least one of the layers does not dry properly, all the work has been done in vain.
After the enamel has dried, we complete the stage of painting with a protective transparent varnish.

The first layer is done accurately and superficially. After 15 minutes, the varnish no longer sticks - you can continue. The second layer is more thorough. Also cover the caps with varnish.
To accelerate the process, you can use heating elements, but do not abuse.

Important: removal of masking tape and installation of wheels on the car can be done only after the varnish has completely dried (according to the instructions on the bottle).
We get the following result:

And so the "new" wheels look like on a car:

Subject to technology, the paint will last two or three years.
That's how you can get new discs, making an effort and spending a day in the garage. Successful implementation!