Armrest for car

Perhaps every car enthusiast dreams of a car that compares favorably with the faceless gray mass of similar models. The desire with convenience, comfort moves on their vehicles makes car owners look for original design solutions, one of which is the armrest.
The armrest in the car - a thing purely individual, requiring a special approach. Most of the accessories offered by car dealerships are standard and designed for as many car brands as possible, regardless of their design features. For this reason, the armrest is best done on its own. The exception is cases where the armrest is an additional option in picking a car or it is possible to buy it from authorized dealers for a particular brand.
Consider, as an example, one of the armrests made by yourself at home.
For this we need: a plywood sheet, about 1.5 cm thick, nails, PVA carpentry glue, foam rubber, leather (natural or leather substitute).
Manufacturing process:
1. We remove the necessary dimensions in the proposed location of the armrest and make a stencil. For the greatest convenience, it is best to use cardboard, due to its strength and ease of use. Try on a stencil. We make adjustments.
2. Based on the stencil, we cut out the details of the armrest. It is recommended to use a jigsaw. We process the resulting parts with a file or sanding paper.

3. We glue the parts obtained or nail them with small cloves. Note that when using nails on the surface of a tree, cracks and breaks may occur. Therefore, use nails carefully. We give time to harden with glue.

4. We make compartments for small things.

Their design, size and depth can be chosen arbitrarily.
5. Tighten the armrest with leather. To do this, lubricate the skin with wood glue and gently pull on the surface of the armrest so that wrinkles, swelling and air bubbles do not form. After that, we smooth the skin hot with an iron - in this way the glue dries faster and is evenly distributed on the surface, without leaving wrinkles and dents.

6. We make a cover. The total length of the cover should be slightly longer than the armrest. Before tightening the lid, it is best to put a piece of foam under the skin.

7. Screw the hinges to the cover and to the armrest body, install it in the car.

Armrest is ready. For greater beauty and durability, you can use shoe care cream, or other skin products.