Original bracelet

All girls love jewelry. How nice it is when for all occasions in the "treasury" is a suitable decoration. However, it so happens that it is not always found what to wear with the selected clothing. Skilful hands, fittings and some free time come to the rescue. Do not worry, it’s not at all difficult to make jewelry; now you’ll see for yourself.
What you need to purchase:
- Accessories: rings, pendants;
- Threads. You can use floss or iris. She will not be brushed with a sock and will not strongly change color from glue;
- Old bracelets. The usual thin "tins" that are cheap and are sold in any shop with jewelry;
- glue;
- Scissors.

We begin to manufacture. We take a bracelet and drip glue on the side. Do not overdo it, we just need to fix the beginning of the thread.

We start winding the thread until the glue is high. Just wrap a few turns around the bracelet, in the place where you just put the glue.

Continue winding the thread around the base of the bracelet. Occupation is a little dreary, but still interesting. After all, at the end you will receive a beautiful jewelry that you just made yourself. So that the thread does not unwind when worn, if it is suddenly wiped in some place, as you wind it in some places, drip with glue to fix the thread on the bracelet in several places.

When you reach almost to the end - the beginning of the wound thread on the bracelet, the last time drop glue on the bracelet and wind the thread on top. Carefully cut the tip of the thread and, while the glue has not yet dried, press it to the base of the bracelet.

Let's start decorating the bracelet. This part is the most interesting. We begin to hang rings and pendants on the bracelet.

Location you can choose the most diverse. If you wish, you can hang all the pendants nearby or only at the ends of the bracelet, as you want and like more. Experiment and choose your option. I decided to separate the pendants with 4-5 rings.

Pendants can be a great many, or vice versa, modest 2-3 things. I have 5 of them, one large, two medium and two small.

Here we have such a bracelet. If you wind several pieces of different colors, you can wear a new one every day. And if you want to wear everything at once, creating a bizarre rainbow of bracelets on your hand. It looks quite original, but is done easily and quickly enough.