Unusual greeting card with gifts inside.

Everyone loves getting birthday presents. Gifts are usually always accompanied by a nice card with pleasant wishes. But what if you combine these two nice things together ?! Today I will teach you how to make an unusual postcard, inside of which there are three nice presents hiding.
For manufacturing you will need:
- thick paper. You can choose sheets of the same color or different, as you like. I wanted something bright, and I chose a pastel tone on the inside of the card and a white sheet for the cover. You can experiment with brighter colors, it turns out very beautifully.
- Ruler.
- A pencil.
- The scalpel.
- Beautiful wrapping paper or any other patterned paper.
- An elastic band and a board for work.

The first thing we do is cut the blank for the inside.

We bend the sheet and mark on it the sizes of our gifts. There will be three of them - from the smallest to the largest.

Carefully cut the paper and bend the places for gifts so that when you open the card, they are folded inward, creating a volume.

We take wrapping paper or paper with drawings of three different types. Using a pencil and a ruler, measure and mark the size of our gifts on this paper. Cut blanks, two from each paper.

Now we make the cover for the card. We take a thick sheet of paper and mark on it the dimensions of the sheet that will be inside the card. We add a few millimeters on each side and cut out the cover. It should be larger than the insert so that when the card closes and opens, the inside does not protrude from the cover.

We mark on the cover the arrangement of gifts. Now we take blanks from paper for gifts or sheets with drawings and glue them on the marked places on the cover and on the sheet that will be inside the card.

When the glue under the “gifts” dries, you can glue two parts of our postcard. Be careful that the outer and inner parts of the gifts coincide with each other and form the correct box.
The outer part of the postcard can be issued in different ways, at your discretion. I left her number white. But you can stick on it ribbons, a beautiful picture or anything else that you consider necessary. Everyone will be pleased to receive such a card as a gift. Delight your loved ones with beautiful hand-made things.