White-wing gliders, ceiling tile airplane

Recently, small models of gliders from EPP, in other words from ceiling tiles, have begun to appear in toy stores. Of course, such a toy flies beautifully, withstands many flights and can be launched everywhere, but the prices bite - $ 9 apiece. But you can make a homemade modelka spending no more than 30 rubles on a plane! So, we will begin to sculpt our toy.

* ceiling tiles without embossing
*PVA glue
* pine rail 4x4 mm
* buttons
* clothes pegs
* pins or needles
* templates
* pens, markers, etc.
*stationery knife
* fine sandpaper on a bar

First you need to print and cut out patterns for the aircraft.

It is advisable to stick the printout to the cardboard. Then attach them to the tile, fix with buttons and draw a wing, stabilizer and keel.

After we remove the templates and cut with a clerical knife (or a medical scalpel) with an allowance of 1-2 mm of the workpiece.

Try not to touch the workpiece lines.

Now you need to process the workpiece. We mark the boundary lines, take a block with a skin and attach a profile to the wing and stabilizers with forward and backward movements.

It is necessary to process confidently, smoothly, without jerking, otherwise you can spoil the part. Of course, you can give a profile and a heated iron, but this method does not always work.

If you have given the details the desired shape, then you can proceed to gluing. In no case grab the glue moment! Solvents will turn the plane into porridge, so you need to use PVA glue. Lath 18-25 cm long is greased with glue on one side and on the other hand, and left for 5 minutes so that the glue is absorbed into the tree. At the stabilizer and the wing, the middle is marked and the bottom is smeared with glue in the midline. Then we fix everything with clothespins, the keel is attached with pins to the wing also in the midline.

After 5-8 hours, you can remove the mounts and configure the model. To do this, the glider is launched from the hands and watch it fly. If it gains height, stick clay to the nose, if it dives, to the tail or bend the stabilizer down. Have a nice flight!