Unattractive notebook

Probably, many in an cupboard or on a shelf had some uninteresting notebook or notebook that I did not want to use just because of their boring appearance. Today I want to share with you a recipe on how to transform an old notebook, return it to usefulness and make it interesting.
So, for this experiment you will need:
- any paints. I used my favorite watercolor. I love her delicate shades and "watery" image.
- notepad, notebook or any other subject for alteration.
- a white piece of paper. It must be tight so as not to “lead” from water and paint.
- a glass of water.
- brush, pencil, pen with black ink or black helium pen.
- glue.
- ruler.

We start by marking up on a white sheet. The rectangle that we will cut should be slightly smaller than the cover of a notebook or your notebook.

Cut out the drawn rectangle and try it on the cover. Then glue it with dry glue or PVA, which you like best and is now at hand.

Now comes the most interesting moment - the creative part. I decided to draw funny chickens on the cover. The other day I saw a similar picture on the Internet and was very excited about this idea.
So, in different colors, you can even mix them together, make round blots. These will be the bodies of our cute chickens.

With the remnants of any paint that you painted on the chickens, paint the side of the notebook where it bends. So the picture becomes whole with a notebook. Next, mix green and black paint and draw grass and an uneven frame for our picture.

In principle, our drawing is almost ready. We will no longer need paints. It remains to wait until everything dries and proceed to the final part of the transformation. Be sure to wait until the paint dries, otherwise the lump will not write according to the drawing.
When everything is dry, we outline the contours of our chickens, draw them legs, beak, eyes, ponytails and wings. Then, not really trying to repeat the outline of the frame, draw a similar pattern on it with a pen.

That's all, now you have a new, beautiful and not boring notebook. You can give it to a friend, give it to a child or keep it for yourself. We can say with confidence that it will be nice to use such a notebook and write down only cute, pleasant things to the heart. Similarly, you can make cards for friends.