Hair band

With the help of a master class, lovers of headbands and various hairpins can make a hair ornament using the Kazan technique. With this scheme, you can create individual jewelry that reflects your personality. Wearing such a rim will be doubly pleasant! It takes only an hour of time, accuracy and not a lot of imagination. But the result will be admired not only by you, but also by those around you.
So let's get started.
We will make a hair band on an elastic band.
To work, you will need:
1. 3 tapes of different colors and widths. Violet - 6 cm, pink - 4 cm, white - 2 cm. The color scheme can be any other, even monophonic - to your taste.
2. Glue. I use a gun, but you can also PVA, or the moment "Crystal".
3. Scissors.
4. Soldering iron, lighter or candle to connect and scorch the edges.
5. Decor elements.
6. The gum bezel.
7. Needles and thread for assembling a flower.

Step 1:
We cut squares from each tape. The widest - 6 pieces in size 6 * 6, the middle - 5 pieces 4 * 4, the smallest - 6 pieces 2 * 2.

Step 2:
We proceed to the preparation of the petals.
Take a square from the tape 6 * 6, bend it into a triangle.

Turn the triangle right angle down and connect 2 edges with the bottom corner. It turns out a rhombus. We turn the side corners of the rhombus back and connect it with a needle.

Trim the excess and scorch, pressing the edges. It turns out to be a petal.

Do the same with the rest of the petals 6 * 6 in size.

Step 3:
Now you need to make "sharp" petals.
Fold the square from the 4 * 4 tape in half so that a triangle forms.

Repeat the second time.

Connect the lower corners. We cut off excess, scorch, glue.

Do the same with the small squares 2 * 2.
Such blanks turn out here.

Step 4:
We collect the petals in any order, as you like. I alternated as follows: large, small, medium. We string the workpieces onto a thread and tighten them into a ring.

Step 5:
We decorate the middle with rhinestone and attach to the flower.
Glue the finished flower to the rim.

Here's the job.
Do-it-yourself hair band, hair clip or elastic band - a great gift for the holiday. Applying the Kazan technique, you can decorate various wardrobe items - children's things, hats, bags and much more. Imagine with colors, flower arrangements, decor and create unique jewelry for yourself and your friends!