Heart with coffee

And so, we begin to make a heart with coffee beans.
For this we need: coffee grains, silicone or other glue, brown corrugated paper, thick wire, toilet paper, threads, brown tape (30 centimeters), gypsum, PVA glue, a cup or decorative pot, sisal and decor (well, that’s already on your taste).
The first step is to cut the heart out of thick cardboard, such as a box. Next, wrap the heart with toilet paper and thread to fix the shape and make the heart thicker.
Something similar should come out with you.

Next, wrap the heart with brown corrugated paper and, also, fix with a thread, necessarily black or brown.
For the trunk, we need a thick wire. You can also use a wand or even some kind of tube, the main thing is that it can withstand the weight of the heart.

We fix the trunk to the heart with silicone or other glue. Wrap the trunk with a brown ribbon. Be sure to lock the top and bottom so that the tape does not unwind.

Next, we begin to glue a little coffee grains. Try to keep the gaps small. Apply glue not on the heart, but on the grain, so your product will look more accurately.

After pasted all heart. In a cup or decorative pot mode a little polystyrene and fill with plaster. To prepare the mixture, you need to add water and PVA glue to the gypsum in a 1: 1 ratio. Remember, if you do not add polystyrene, but the ceramics may burst as the gypsum heats up and expands. After drying, cover the gypsum with sisal. If you don’t have one, you can use ordinary twine.
Next, proceed to the decor. You can take artificial flowers, cinnamon, and other spices. This is already enough fantasy. Such a gift will surely please your friends and relatives.