Pallet sofa

Wooden pallets are used to transport goods, but not everyone knows that pallets are a real Lego constructor. As with plastic bottles, the possibilities for crazy pens are endless. From the pallets you can collect any piece of furniture, from countertops to kitchen units. Special skills are not needed, but it is better to start a carpenter's career with a simple product, for example, with a wooden bench.

How to make furniture from wooden pallets: step by step instructions

Step 1. Preparation for work

We will need: two pallets, a hammer (or a screwdriver), a saw, a grinding machine (or a simple skin), paints and varnishes.

Step 2. Pretreatment

We grind the wooden surface with a machine or sand it. Particular attention should be paid to corners and joints. Note. When working with pallets, it is easy to plant a splinter, so do not neglect gloves.

Step 3. Sawing up pallets

We saw both pallets into two unequal parts, as shown in the video. Parts consisting of two boards will go to the back and handles, and parts from three boards to the seat and legs. Then we assemble the structure.

Step 4. Board fastening

We fasten the three parts of the bench (legs, seat and back) with the help of two boards, they are attached to thick bars. It is easier to use a screwdriver here, but you can take a hammer. As we see, only two elements fasten the entire structure, it will not hurt to nail additional boards, they will serve as handles.

Step 5. Painting

It makes sense to cover the bench with varnish or paint, and if you add covers and upholstery, it will turn into a real sofa. This will not only give the furniture an aesthetic appearance, but also increase the service life. If the bench will be located on the street, it must be covered with a primer and painted with moisture-resistant paint.
Built a bench - saved a tree!

There is nothing more pleasant than relaxing on a handmade bench. Pallets are cheap and affordable, they are sold in building materials stores. If desired, they can be borrowed at the nearest construction site or warehouse. It's hard to believe, but this treasure is simply thrown away like plastic bottles. The reuse of pallets will help preserve nature.